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Choice Bros are known for their innovative, experimental and occasional mad beers. 
With balance and a respect for both malt & hops, the beers created by the Bros have been extremely well received, broadening horizons of many drinkers along the way.
After contract brewing at many of their favourite New Zealand breweries including Townshends, Kereru & Panhead, the Bros decided it was time to find their own space.
In 2015 Choice Bros found the perfect space in Ghuznee Street, Wellington, to start building their own brewery and bar, set to open in the second half of 2016.


Kerry Gray

Known for his tie dye overalls and quirky beers, Kerry started out home brewing before taking the plunge into contract brewing as Choice Bros. After getting a reputation for his interesting beers, Kerry was employed as the brewer at the latest Wellington brewery - Te Aro Brewing Co, where he is still currently brewing and developing the Te Aro recipes until Choice Bros brewery is commissioned later this year.

Kerry's approach to brewing is 'interesting beers with balance'. Kerry's beers picked up numerous medals at his debut at the 2015 New Zealand Brewers Guild Awards including 3 Bronze and 3 Silver medals.


Mike Pullin

With a solid background in global financial markets, hospitality and various other nefarious activities, Mike is well versed in the operational and administrative dark arts in which Kerry feigns disinterest. More librarian than Rock Star, Mike aspires to one day be allowed to design a beer referencing more refined musical tastes than those of his fellow Head Bro. Mike spends his days quietly tinkering away in the background on the more glamorous aspects of the business, from logistics, sales and marketing, through to book keeping and financials.


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Kerry has been firing emails and phone calls across multiple time zones to finalize our planned brewery, which will be fiingly named 'Ground Control'
Brewery News:

We have decided to go for a smaller 850L (7BBL) brewhouse, which will give us the flexibility to brew more styles of beer, more often.  We want to be able to offer our fans as many interesting styles as possible.  With smaller batches selling faster, we will brew more often, which means fresher beer!  This all results in more work for Kerry, but this is his passion.  There are so many recipe ideas waiting to be unleashed!

The lounge bar at HUSK will be the same height as the brew house platform, allowing you to have a beer and witness the brewing process in full.  Oh, wait, did I say HUSK...

HUSK: 1 a : a usually dry or membranous outer covering (as a pod or one composed of bracts) of various seeds and fruits (as barley and corn) : hull; also : one of the constituent parts b : a carob pod. 2 a : an outer layer : shell b : an emptied shell

One word that relates to both coffee beans & grains used to brew our beer.
HUSK is the name of the Brew Bar & Cafe where we will serve Choice Bros beers.
I guess you are the first to know!


Our beers

Available beers

Reet Petite

Reet Petite

Red IPA with a touch of Ginger

I'm Afraid of Americans

I'm Afraid of Americans

West Coast IPA

On the Brain

On the Brain

Peanut Butter & Raspberry Ale

Modern Love

Modern Love

New World Ale

Serious Moonlight

Serious Moonlight

Cacao & Spiced Rum Imperial Stout



Seasonal Fresh Wet Hop Ale


We have signed the lease on a site in Ghuznee Street Wellington!
Our 7BBL / 850L Premier Brewhouse is due to arrive later this year.
Watch this space for updates!



Merchandise coming soon!


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